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Holiday Destination
Group Travel

Flawlessly creating the perfect geataway for your family, friends or organization. Let us assist you finding the perfect destination where your group will experience a meaningful and well planned trip. Enjoy treasured time spent together while also enjoying quiet private 

moments relaxing. We understand the dynamics of group travel and plan all your specific wants and needs exclusively.

Business Travel

In a world where time is a commodity, our staff of extremely qualified event planners will adhere to meeting and travel plans precisely for you. A destination away lends itself uniquely to strategy planning sessions, marketing initiatives, employee recognition and client appreciation.  Let all your travel and event logistics be perfectly  planned and executed seamlessly by our team.

Leisure Travel

Your first destination? Your exciting family adventure?

 A cruise thru the Caribbean or the Mediterranean?

 An excursion to a new continent

The globe is your option and we can take your there confidently and comfortably. Enjoy your time spent away and leave the worry of travel details to us! Your dream is our reality.

Corporate Events



Conferences, in many or most cases, are your company or organizations crowning jewel. They are highly visible and need to be executed flawlessly. Conferences show your attention to detail be it in the content you deliver to the experience your attendee receives. Your integrity is on the line. There are multiple moving pieces to a multi day event and this is an area Rider Productions shines and shines bright.  Putting yourself in experienced hands is security for you and comfort that your jewel will be a valuable initiative. Rider Productions is an International Accredited Travel Agency Company which means they receive commissions from venues, cruises, ground travel and more; they don't need to be paid from your budget. Let us tell you more how you can save money and have the expertise of Rider Productions with you!

Corporate Parties

They're back because they're affordable!  In our ever changing corporate environment we want to celebrate with our employees and our clients our achievements and hard work.  Be it a holiday celebration, a summer outing, an employee appreciation event or a dinner and concert; thanking those that work for us, and with us, is certainly something we want to do.  Parties and celebrations achieve that, and Rider Productions has planned hundreds of them.  We've got the good ole' ideas and the current pulse on the entertainment market that will wow and endear you to those you wish to most. Ideas and price points are wide and varied, lets see what works best for you!

Award & Gala Events

Are you planning a Gala, an Award Celebration or a corporate content event?  Rider Productions has planned events for over 30 years.  Your program creation, venue logistics, contracts & budget management, event themes, music & audio visual 

production and more are part of Rider Productions daily life.  They've done it and love it - throughout their event & production careers.  Consult with us on any or all of your event support needs.  Rider Productions is happy to

hold a free event consultation with you!

Audio/ Visual Rental


Event Production

Small or Large room audio systems, mixing consoles, video projection, lighting, 

screens, LCD monitors, wireless microphones; you name it Rider Productions is a one stop shop for all your event audio/visual needs.

Audio/ Video Consulting

If you are looking to enhance or upgrade your office, your church or organizations audio visual capabilities, Rider Productions can help.  We will work with you to determine what your requirements are, how to get there, install and train you on your new system.  Consult with Rider Productions and let them guide you through your exciting project!

Lighting, Decor
and Set Design

Private or public, indoors or outdoors, corporate or rock 'n' roll, Rider Productions have all the lighting and set design ideas you can envision.  Wow your attendees with visual delights.  Our lighting and decor designers have been creating masterpieces for over 40 years.  Your atmosphere will drive an exciting and memorable event.  Just what you want!

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